How and Why You need Marketing Orchestration

If the expression marketing orchestration hasn’t come in front of your eyes yet, it’s bound to very soon. Marketing orchestration, as defined by Forrester Research is “an approach to marketing that focuses not on delivering standalone campaigns but instead on optimizing a set of related cross-channel interactions, that when added together make up an individualized customer experience.”

What this means is that we can use all of these different channels we are now marketing with, and have them act in concert with one another, delivering a unique experience to the customer. There are hints of this now, as what Google is attempting to do with its suite of web tools and services, but this is just the beginning of what promises to be a flood of options in relation to orchestrating your marketing.

Some reasons why marketing orchestration is a good idea!

Some of the reasons why marketing orchestration is a great idea may be obvious to you. Others; not as much.

One major benefit is the prospect of a much larger pool of potential customers. With all of your current various marketing channels working with one another, the power and likelihood of social sharing is amplified across channels. What this means is you’ll have the ability to reach new leads easier and faster than before.

Another benefit is helping your brand build authority, loyalty and remain top of mind with customers in your market. Whenever you make an appearance in helpful ways in the channels your customers frequent, you are much more likely to be shared and recommended than you might have otherwise.

Starting with marketing orchestration

Here are some ways to begin utilizing marketing orchestration.

  • Link your content via your social media channels. Look for ways to cross promote your videos via your emails for instance.
  • Always encourage people to share your content. Incentivize if needed. Many of these same people have substantial channels of their own you’d love to be introduced to.
  • Include social sharing capabilities on all of your web properties which are being used. Make them part of templates you use.
  • Don’t try to fit everyone in to the same narrow box. Develop a more personalized customer experience for each of them by meeting them where they are, and employing their preferred mode of communication.

Jump on the marketing orchestration bandwagon today, and begin making your marketing plan less of a siloed experience, and more of an individualized formula for success!